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Latest ChatButton Updates

  • April 14th 2014: HTTPS / SSL secure encryption is now being used on all chatboxes, but to prevent errors on your SSL pages you will need to regenerate your HTML code above, or edit your existing code to use instead of
  • April 9th 2014: After a very long time of uptime with almost no problems, today there was a DDoS attack on which caused the site to be down for a few hours. Site is back up now with some additional protection.
  • March 31st 2014: Added some default chat rooms where people can come together. You can change rooms by using the "Change Room" link in the top left.
  • March 30th 2014: Small changes made to improve chatbox performance, especially on slower Internet connections
  • ** March 29th 2014: Non-English languages are now much better supported!!! This was requested by a lot of people. Please send me your feedback to let me know if it's working correctly in your language.