Terms & Privacy

There are a few VERY SIMPLE terms and conditions with respect to chatbutton.com which you MUST understand before using the service.

  1. ASSUME EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC: Athough ChatButton uses HTTPS to provide secure and encrypted message communication, messages are not completely private and may be seen by anyone viewing the chat channel(s) to which you post. Further, if somebody were to manipulate URLs a given channel ID, your messages would be exposed. For this reason, you are strongly advised to not post any sensitive details. This extends to all communications with ChatButton and the team.
  2. NO WARRANTY: There is absolutely no warranty or guarantee of any kind offered with chatbutton.com. The service may become unavailable at any time, either temporarily or permanently, without any prior notice.
  3. COOKIES: The system uses cookies to track chat users as they engage with the chatbutton.com system. These cookies store different pieces of information based on what is available, however personally identifiable information is not generally stored within cookies, unless you provide such information.
  4. AD-SUPPORTED: ChatButton is testing revenue models and may become ad-supported program. This means that we may insert advertisements into the chatbox. If you use ChatButton on your Website, these ads may be displayed on your Website. By using ChatButton you acknowledge that such advertisements may be displayed in your ChatButton and agree that all ad revenue will go to ChatButton.com. However, we understand that advertisements can be annoying, so we will try to limit ads as much as possible.
  5. TERMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: The terms and privacy notices on this page may change at any time without any prior notice or notification to you of such changes. We therefore recommend that you regularly check this page for updates.